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  1. Eddie, Dallas Says:

    Beautiful! Gorgeous shoe. This shoe is so pretty and comfortable too. Because of the heel height, the foot gets pushed forward. As well the patent part of inside the peep hole sticks to my toes when I go without pantyhose. But I bought the high heel pads and it resolved both issues. I wear size 10C/D in regular shoes but have always needed a larger size for high heels. As with all manufacturers, I wish this came in a 10 1/2, but alas I had to buy an 11. A little heel guard in each shoe and all is well though. I’m wearing them to an awards dinner on Saturday and am very excited at how cute they’ll be with my dress.

  2. Cali Says:

    his shoe is gorgeous, sexy, and comfy for the style and heel height. Not as comfy as I had hoped, but more comfy than other heels this height. I think it is the style. Runs narrow; I got the 7.5 wide, and it is fine. I normally wear a 7-7.5 medium, but the 7 med. was way too tight. It�s a good value for the price, looks way more expensive than it is.

  3. California Says:

    The best shoes EVER! These are absolutely, hands-down, the best “comfort line” shoe I’ve ever owned! I’m a real estate agent, and was tired of wearing “grandma” shoes to show properties. I wanted something cute, sexy, and stylish but that wouldn’t kill my feet while traipsing through condo properties and grunting up and down stairs. I’ve never had to kick these off, never had aching feet, and I can wear my cutest clothes with them. A friend of mine just hosted a banquet of about 1,000 people at the Hyatt. You can imagine the fancy footwork she had to put in, to coordinate all her volunteers! I recommended this shoe to her, and she said they were lifesavers! Up until this shoe, she had what she called her “one-hour” shoes, and knew that would never work for the banquet. I’m so glad Sofft finally came up with a pump!

  4. Bay Area, CA Says:

    Fairy comfy, very pretty. The other reviewers are not kidding about how narrow the shoes are — these are the first shoes I’ve ever bought in a wide width because the mediums seemed too narrow. Very pretty, wore them to a wedding with many compliments. My feet hurt a little — the patent edge is a bit sharp, my toes are a little sore and I had to put moleskin around the edges to make them work well. But for typical heels they’re not bad. The size 6 1/2 shoes that I got had heels 3″ high.

  5. Susan, Suburbs, Chicago Says:

    Gorgeous shoe, but peep toe hurts – First of all, this is a 3″ heel, NOT 4″ inch heel as indicated. (I measured as there is no way I can walk in a 4″ heel). Except for the peep toe, this shoe is very comfortable as well as pretty and sexy on the foot. Because of the heel height, the foot gets pushed forward and the trim around the peep toe digs into the soft skin under my big toes…not comfortable at all!!! I’ve been wearing the shoes around the house for several days trying to stretch them. The shoe has stretched, except for the toe area so I now actually walk out of the shoe. I have 3 other pairs of Sofft shoes and their sizing is not consistent at all. I can wear from a 9W to a 10W in this brand, depending on the shoe style. If a more pliable material had been used to trim the peep toe or if this was a pump, this shoe would be a definite winner.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Did not fit! These shoes are so cute but like the reviewer below I could not even walk a few feet to look into the mirror. The toe felt like it was not long enough or wide enough though the rest of it was fine on my wide foot. I have ordered clogs in this brand that were very comfortable but unfortunately these will be going back.

  7. California Says:

    While this is a stylish shoe, the toe box of the shoe is very small. (I have medium sized feet.) Even with trying a larger size, my feet never seemed to fit properly in it. There is so much padding in the sole of the shoe that there isn’t enough room in the toe box. I think that Sofft Shoes needs to redesign many of their shoes (specifically their pumps) as they didn’t take into account that with all that padding that they need to enlarge the toe box or do something to accommodate the toes.

  8. Helen, Colorado Says:

    Too Narrow – I have to have a wide width in dress shoes. My problem area is across the top of my foot, right where these shoes fit. These are very cute shoes, cuter than online. However, the width is much narrower than other wide-width shoes. Plus, the toe area is very narrow. Your toes get smashed together at the bottom. I bought a 7W and probably needed a 7.5W, but I’m having the toe and top of the foot area stretched. Hopefully they will fit after that! On the plus side, Sofft shoes have tons of padding, so when you wear them, you don’t even feel like you’re wearing heels. Be aware that these shoes feel small for their size, both in length and width.

  9. Valerie Says:

    Looks great, feels like a slipper! This is the most comfortable dress shoe I’ve ever owned. It is beautiful for business, or going out in the evening, even looks sassy with jeans. The cushioning is superior, and because of the nice level of cushioning, I went up a half size, and they fit perfectly. The first day I received them I was able to wear them all day with comfort.

  10. Indiana Says:

    A good dress shoe – High heels always kill my feet, but these shoes kept the pain to a minimum. Nice soft insole and a heel that is wide enough to be stable when walking, but not too wide. They have sort of a “retro” look that I like too.

  11. Twin Cities Says:

    Couldn’t be any cuter! These shoes are SUPER cute and pretty comfy to boot! The toe box is just a teensy bit tight for me (I ordered a 9 W), but it’s nothing that can’t be corrected by a little stretching and wearing. The heel gives great support and there’s a fair amount of cushion. I plan on wearing these to a wedding in October and they’re going to be perfect!

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