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  1. Los Angeles Says:

    WOW – I LOVE these shoes! They are so comfortable. I have flat feet and by the end of the day my feet are killing me. But not in these sandals! I’m ordering another pair.

  2. Schenectady Says:

    Sofft Sandals – Very comfortable sandal with arch support and well formed heel that feels like you have slippers on. Nothing rubs to cause blisters and that is a real plus!

  3. Peach, Augusta Says:

    Post script to my review of “Camille” Sadly I subtract a star from the category of “Look,” not because “Camille” is unlovely (just read my review)! I love it, but today I discovered (1) what tricks the mind plays and (2) it differs significantly from its photograph: the upper does not, as pictured, slope gracefully in an upward curve on my foot. Rather, there is clearly less leather edge on top of my foot than the photo led me to expect, and the result is that Camille is plainer and less elegant than if the top edge were curved upward. Compare with “Lisbon” and “Blaise,” both of which have the straight, uncurved edge Camille in fact has. I have and love “Blaise,” and briefly tried Lisbon (its lack of curve sent it back; by then Camille had appeared, with the curve I wanted). Both styles have the great Sofft attributes, but Camille’s photo led me to expect a more graceful upward curve than the other two have in their photos and on my foot. Camille’s rich, sensuous chocolate and caramel and its Sofft characteristics so beguiled me that before the UPS man was back in his truck I was happily wearing these shoes and, accustomed to perfection from Sofft, I didn’t look closely and with an unbiased eye. In my mind, they were shaped as in their photo. Today revealed my error: I bought a dress specifically for Camille, with a long, graceful curved hemline that echoes the curve my mind had given the shoes. But full-length three-way mirrors tell all. My first response was perhaps I invented the curve, but when I got home I came to the computer to check my visual acuity, and there was Camille — gracefully curved upward, in the photo. The shoes look well with my dress; I’m still in love; in no way would I make my review less exuberant. But in Zappos’ fine tradition, I felt honor bound to send this post script.

  4. Georgia Says:

    Sofft “Camille” Why, you may ask, do I order Camille when I have Sofft’s “Blaise,” so very like it? Because I love Blaise. Both have Sofft’s excellent arch support (“‘everything’ support” is more apt) and cushy-but-serious foot bed working in perfect synchrony to hold my foot in place. No walking-out-of; no toes pushing forward; the heel height perfects one’s posture and eliminates backaches. Sheer comfort. Sofft must seek out unusually-imaginative designers to create these unique shoes; I’d like to know their story. I am stopped even by strangers to receive compliments. One gentleman asked if he might hold Blaise to examine it at close range; I complied, and wrote “Zappos.com” on his business card. In Soffts, unusual fabrics contrast richly with delicate, embroidery-like design. (Blaise is deep aubergine velvet; Camille, rich brown leather with contrasting brown for “engraved” design on uppers. Shapely, elegant, Soffts are poems from an earlier century, and when I slip easily into them and wear them for hours scarcely knowing I’ve shoes on, they bring me into their magical frame of mind. Sofft Larya Sandals, thong Wonderful Zappos, who introduced me to them, finds ever-new ways to improve, when I’d swear they could get no better. Besides the obvious — free shipping and free n’ easy returns, wide range of brands, styles, sizes — they seek the little things that ease all: most recently, “see other colors and prices,” which saves one considerable time. A valuable glossary. How do you do it? Arrival almost before I leave the computer… I could go on. Sofft Larya Shoes, And on. One of your helpful customer service folk says you’re pondering clothing. It will not be run-of-the-mill, no doubt about that.

  5. Linda, florida Says:

    This was my first pair of Sofft shoes, and I’m sold. I will not wear shoes a second time if they’re not comfortable the first time, and these needed no break-in period. They’re extremely comfortable, even for the long haul. They have a bit of a dressier look for a mule, and look great with pants and skirts. I bought my usual size and they fit perfectly. I definitely recommend these shoes!

  6. North Carolina Says:

    Nice looking comfort shoe! I love these. I wear a C width and the wide fits great. I wore them to the mall shopping for 5 hours, my feet were not even sore! Very nice looking on also. The tooled leather is so cute! I have a pair of sandals in this brand also and love them! Mine were true to size.

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