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  1. Deb Says:

    Finally! A great looking, stylish shoe with the comfort of a clog. Due to arthritis and nerve damage, I’ve not been able to wear heels for years and now, FINALLY, found a shoe with a “heel” that can be worn with dressier slacks & skirts. I get compliments every day I wear them!

  2. Reisterstown Says:

    This is my second pair of shoes from this company…I like the way they feel, the height is just right and they offer a bit of intrigue with the design on top. Would highly recommend these.

  3. California Says:

    Sofft my second pair – Sofft shoes I can wear all day. I love them. The first day that I wore them to work (at the end of the day) another employee asked “Your feet sore”. I could say absolutely not. These are the most comfortable shoes that I have. Not a blister anywhere.

  4. Carol, Birmingham Says:

    This shoe is extremely comfortable. I have worn it all day with no problems, and in fact hate to take it off. And it’s a sexy shoe while on. Comfy and sexy, you don’t get any better than that. It’s true to size and has good arch support. I get lots of compliments on it.

  5. Virginia Says:

    Great looks and comfort – Very comfortable right out of the box. Looks great with casual skirts and jeans. Definitely runs a little narrow, which was perfect for me. I bought both the 9 and 9.5. Both fit, but the 9 was a little snugger.

  6. Lizzy, Upstate, new York Says:

    What a sharp little clog! I bought these in blue and what a sharp shoe! They were pure comfort from the minute I took them out of the box. Well made and easy to walk in. Look fantastic with jeans and have gotten many compliments on them. I have to get a slightly wider shoe to accommodate my bunions, but as with most Sofft shoes, an average width does the trick. And as usual, Zappos service is tops.

  7. North Carolina Says:

    Fun look for an everyday clog – I needed an everyday shoe to wear from 8AM to 8PM�these are it! Comfort and a cute look! Looks like a boot under long jeans, too. Other clogs look like boxes on your feet, these make your feet look small and the tooled leather on top gives it a nice finish look. I just wish I got the suede one�my leather ones are already scuffed a little. Also, they are very light�you can pack them in a suitcase and they won’t weigh a ton. Good bye Dansko… hello Sofft!

  8. Betsey, San Diego Says:

    Beautiful, comfortable shoe – A great looking shoe with lots of comfort! Seems to fit true to size with a nice, wide toe box. Looks really great with jeans…adds a little bit of sophistication. Very cushiony feel and comfortable for long wear.

  9. Fairport, New York Says:

    Super Comfort! I have really bad knees, and I wanted a clog that would give me super comfort when I am on my feet, and “cushion” my legs and feet as well.. I picked the right shoe, because this one is totally incredible! The first time I wore it, I was at the mall all day, and felt GREAT! Though this is not the “prettiest” shoe I have ever seen or worn, I absolutely LOVE it, and will seriously consider SOFFT the next time I am looking for shoes. I HIGHLY recommend this shoe. You will NOT be sorry!

  10. Bon, Las vegas Nevada Says:

    Can’t be beat – These are stylish, comfortable shoes. I have worn them several times for a full day at work and they remain comfortable all day. The only slight problem with them is that one of the shoes developed a squeak. But, it’s a minor problem. I really enjoy wearing these shoes.

  11. Silver Spring, Maryland Says:

    PRETTY, stylish, versatile and easy to walk in – I like Sofft because the company’s standard seems to be to make dependably stylish and comfortable shoes, but this shoe is really exceptionally pretty with both pants and skirts. And if they keep making it, I will keep buying it.

  12. Deb Says:

    Awesome shoe – have gotten many compliments. Only thing I’ll say is that after walking around the mall for a few hours, the ball of my foot began to ache. Probably has more to do with the slight heel than the lack of support. Wore it all day at an office job – felt great!

  13. Connecticut Says:

    Sofft Lisbon – Love the look and the fit of the shoe, but they squeak and you can hear me coming a mile away. They started squeaking from the first day I wore them and I have no idea why. I have been wearing them less and less because of it. If it wasn’t for the squeaking, I would love them.

  14. Seattle Says:

    Nice – I love the look of these, but the fit just didn�t work. I got a Wide, which fit the toe area, but then the shoe was too loose and I kind of would walk out of them. I love clogs, but these I just couldn�t keep on my feet. : ( I think they are fabulous looking, though, and have very good arch support and give in the heel. I love my Sofft Lisbon shoes. They’re stylish with jeans in the brown. The look is in between cowboy boots and clogs which is kind of cool. Very comfortable shoe. I wore them all day at work and enjoyed wearing them.

  15. Nancy, New Hampshire Says:

    I can’t believe how comfortable this shoe is!! I am a teacher, therefore I stand in front of my class much of the time. I can’t get over how cushy this shoe is. I can stand all day and my feet don’t ache. I have broken the same foot twice in different places, so standing and walking are often painful in anything other than sneakers or hiking boots. These clogs look awesome and feel great. I haven’t been able to wear anything so trendy or with a heel until now.

  16. Anna Says:

    Great look and great comfort – This is a great clog! I usually wear a medium width shoe but I have a high instep that keeps me from wearing medium width clogs. I got the Lisbon in my size but in “wide”. It fits perfectly! This is a very stylish clog and it does not make my feet look wide at all even in a “wide” width. The comfort is beyond belief. Love this clog!

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