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  1. Lansing, michigan Says:

    Comfort and Style – Very nice looking boots that are so comfortable I even wear them walking the dog. I agree w/ other reviewers that they make feet look smaller, which is nice for my size 11 feet. Also, I like a taller shaft and some might want a more narrow one. I wear these both w/ jeans tucked in and with skirts, so if versatility is important, these boots are the thing – especially if you can only buy one pair of boots for work and not-too-rugged casual wear. Very nice leather and I love the lacing in back. This could be used to tighten up the shaft for those who want a more snug fit, but I’m not really tempted to do that. I’m afraid to tamper with success and fear that untying the nice bow they come with might not be worth it. The tabs through which the laces run are well constructed, but not designed for corset-like duty.

  2. Kansas, City Says:

    A great boot and good for wide calves, too! I was beginning to give up hope when these boots arrived – I’d already tried three other pair that I thought might fit around my 15″ calves, but alas, didn’t. Unfortunately, many of the “extended calf” boots are just too big for me. This was perfect – the leather is nice and soft, the boot overall is unique and kind of funky (without being obnoxious) and is very comfortable. Barely got it zipped up, but once I did the leather and the goring accommodated my leg nicely and I didn’t even notice them on. I am on my feet most of the day and these felt great. The only thing I’ve noticed that slightly irritate me is that the laces on the back are stitched together at the bow, so that if you want to untie the laces so as not to have a bulky “something” sticking out the back of your pant leg, you’d have to unstitch them� a very fixable problem. I recommend!!!

  3. Divamom, new Jersey Says:

    Nice and Different! I like these boots and have gotten lots of compliments when I wear them. Importantly, they make my feet look smaller than the size 12 that they are. However I have rather slim calves and it seems the calves on these boots are extra roomy. Otherwise they are nice and comfy and stylish.

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Great Boots! I ordered these boots after I returned my first choice. This pair was exactly what I was looking for and less expensive than the others. My feet are a little on the wide side, but the fit is very comfortable. Sofft Modena 3 Boots, The leather is soft and beautiful and they will look great with both of my leather jackets. Modena III Footwear for Womens, Excellent quality boots – These boots are made with a very high-quality, luscious leather, with very nice lining. They are very comfortable, too. Slightly roomier than other boots I tried. I felt they looked a bit thick at the ankle – they would be more flattering if the ankle was more narrow.

  5. Denver Says:

    Beautiful – These are great looking boots. My 22 yr. old daughter tried to steal them from me! I have a 17″ calf and the wide calf felt snug at first, but after wearing them for a few minutes it was just fine. I haven’t worn them out yet, so can’t comment on comfort.

  6. Crystal, Woodsland Says:

    The perfect boot to wear ALL DAY! Normally high-heeled boots are good for about an hour – two at the max (especially if you are standing up much). These are like slippers! The area up over the calf does not pinch (it’s not a real tight fitting boot), so you can easily tuck your jeans into them or wear under pants and they don’t cut off the circulation! The color is great and they are very attractive!

  7. Sunny South Says:

    A big fan of Sofft shoes, I was excited to see the Tyla boot. I didn’t find the fit as comfortable as the 3 pair of open-toe Sofft shoes I own. My foot slid uncomfortably forward in the boot. The ankle was loose, but the toe box narrow. Very stylish, but the shaft was also too tall for my petite frame. Sorry I had to reject this one!

  8. Philadelphia Says:

    VERY COMFORTABLE! Great for working in all day. Padding in the shoe keeps them comfy. The 3″ heel height is perfect…not too high or too low. Well made and stylish. Yes, there are more stylish boots, but I couldn’t find any this comfortable. I got lots of compliments on the style and find them to be a great blend of comfort and style. I have a 13.5 inch calf and they are a bit loose around my calf, but not too loose.

  9. San Diego, California Says:

    Most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned!!! You can wear these right out of box – no break-in time. Great with dressed up or casual wear. This is about the only brand I purchase now. Very comfortable in every style I have. Wear and last very well. I own about 10+ pairs of Sofft now.

  10. Usa Says:

    Style and comfort all in one boot – I am a fan of Sofft shoes, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased and these boots are right up there with my top favorites. They tend to run a little large in the calve opening (great for ladies with heavier calves), but if you wear a sock and tuck in your jeans they are perfect. I bought the wide width because I like wearing a padded sock for extra comfort. The picture of the caramel suede doesn’t do it justice; it�s much prettier in person and will go with just about anything. I love these boots. I also LOVE Zappos! I ordered the boots on a Tuesday and got them the next day. Keep the great work up Zappos; I am a customer for life.

  11. Sarrah, Mississipi Says:

    Comfortable boot! This is a great boot. It is the most comfortable one I own. I bought it in dark brown but would like to have it in black suede too. It is a classic style. If comfort is an issue, consider this boot.

  12. Faith Says:

    Where can I purchase on or offline a pair of Modena III leather boots.
    Thank You

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