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  1. Jeanette Says:

    Comfy but sexy – I love this boot. The foot portion fits true to size, with nice balance and cushioning. It doesn’t feel like a high heel. I have really muscled calves, too big for most boots but not big enough for wide width. These just barely zipped but are stretching out enough to be comfortable. My calves are 16″ for those wondering if these will fit.

  2. Chicago Says:

    WIDE shaft – This is a great-looking and comfortable boot. I saw that some reviewers thought the shaft was too wide, but I tried them anyway because I don’t have skinny legs. Well, they’re REALLY wide. The rest of the fit was perfect for me, but I wouldn’t recommend these boots unless you have extremely athletic/large calves or you want to take them to a shoe repair shop to have them taken in.

  3. Illinois Says:

    Boots, glorious boot! Beautiful detailing, workmanship and leather – bought in both Red Oak and in Black leather (7.5W). Black’s CALF is far wider than Red Oak’s — a bit odd, yes? But they are the sharpest and most well-made boots with a wearable but sexy look in AGES — Sofft Padua Shoes does it again (as does Zappos with superb delivery!)

  4. Oswego Says:

    Definitely Comfortable – I really like the comfort of this shoe and the braided seam down the back is a nice touch but the rounded toe is more “traditional” than I am looking for right now so I will be returning them. Sofft Padua Flats, If I was going only for comfort, these would be keepers!

  5. Springfield Says:

    Disappointed – I will be returning them. They are a very practical and comfortable boot- my returning them is because I wanted a sexy boot with a fat heel. This is not sexy, but it is comfortable. I guess from the picture I misjudged it. It’s a real nice boot – just not the look I was after. I will be returning them soon. Thank you.

  6. New York Says:

    Nice boots! Very soft, very comfortable and the perfect height for walking about anywhere. I wouldn’t wear them when it’s snowing because it doesn’t have the type of bottom that really grips a wet ground but it’s good enough for any other season. I bought a half size larger, the boots are shorter (foot lengthwise) then normal boots. Lovely boot – I have wide, short toed feet and with that, comes a challenge to find footwear. These boots are lovely and comfortable. Wide Calves? This is the boot for you… I have wide muscular calves, and this boot zipped up beautifully that I almost cried with joy!!! Every year an endless search, I end up going without… but not this year! This boot is very comfortable for the heel height and is beautifully made.

  7. Sereba Says:

    The toe and everything about the boot is a lot rounder looking than I had expected so I’m returning them. They make my feet look big. They were comfortable though. This boot is beautiful. I got them in the caramel color and I have gotten so many compliments. They are very comfortable and I highly recommend them.

  8. Denver Says:

    Nice shoe, not a great fit – Sofft makes a really nice shoe. These are quality boots. The sizing was accurate for me and these boots were very comfortable. However, the top of the boots were too wide, and it looked like I was a child trying on my mother’s boots. I tried them on with jeans, and you could see shape of the wide top through the jeans – it looked very silly. So I have to return them. I wish they worked; there’s a lot of nice qualities about this boot, but they didn’t work for me.

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