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  1. Karen, Vermont Says:

    Curious fit – I own this shoe in black, in size 10 W. It is the perfect fit and feels like a dream. So I ordered the red patent pair, and they are too small. They feel like a 9.5 M. I don’t understand, but my experience might explain why some people have no problem with the size while others find the shoe runs small – I’ve had it both ways. Sadly, I’ll have to send this red pair back. I’m glad to have seen the other reviews so I’m not being Cinderella’s step-sisters and trying to force my foot into a shoe that “should” fit like the other pair.

  2. Hilton, Head island Says:

    Great little shoe – Although I had to return this shoe for another that was � a size larger, this is a great little shoe. The copper color is beautiful and the stitching on the back is a great detail. The padding in the shoe is wonderful. However, the shoe is NOT soft. It is a bit stiff. This is a sturdy flat that will work great with pants.

  3. Chicago Says:

    Sofft Pilar – I have several pairs of Sofft shoes and have always loved them. For some reason this pair is sized funny. They run small. I love how they look but I will have to return them. As always Zappos service has exceeded expectations.

  4. Mitz, NYC Says:

    Canoes! Buy your normal size! I ordered a size larger and a size wider than normal after reading all the reviews and they were like boats! This is the second time I’ve ordered up in size after reading the size reviews, and I had to ship the things back both times. Is there a possibility that everyone out there wore sandals all summer and now the autumn pinch is setting in? On to the shoe: it is cute, but a bit off. The toe is very round and girlish (the picture doesn’t capture it), which doesn’t seem to go with the patent leather and back stitch corseting.

  5. Chicago, Illinois Says:

    Wish they were comfortable! I was looking for a cute, dressy comfortable flat so I was so excited when I saw these online. Originally I ordered this shoe Wide since everyone said it ran small. On me it was too big so I exchanged it for my normal size. It fit, but around the toes it was way too tight and it did rub my heel a bit. I couldn’t go up a size because then they’d be too big. They look adorable, especially the black patent, but after trying to wear them around my office they were too painful so sadly I had to send them back. They would be the perfect shoe for work and going out if they weren’t painful to wear! Normally Sofft shoes are so comfortable. It’s disappointing.

  6. Missouri Says:

    Too small! This is a cute shoe– very rounded toe, not sassy but cute. Alas, while the arch support and cushioning seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, the shoe was a full size too small. Back it goes…

  7. Cyndi, Middletown Says:

    This shoe is a wonderful shoe, although the size seemed to run a little smaller then normal. The look is stylish and very cute. The inside is cushioned, which makes them comfortable shoes. My 12 year-old daughter actually wears them, and like most shoes, it took wearing them a few times to “break them in”. Now, they are very comfortable for her to wear and she loves them!

  8. Idaho Says:

    I wear size 7.5 to 8. Other reviews say that these shoes run a half size smaller. I thought I’d be safe with a size 8. NO. These shoes are for sure a half size smaller. I returned them, and decided not to get an 8.5 because the front of the shoe is so small it will show the upper part of my toes. They look nice and they were comfortable besides the tight fit.

  9. Atlanta Says:

    Great looking shoe – size runs VERY small – I am so disappointed that this shoe did not fit me and is not available in the larger size/color that I need. I had read the other review about the shoe running small so I ordered up a half size and it was still too small. I have a narrow foot but ordered the med. width to make sure I had enough room – but the shoe is very narrow too. It’s odd because I have a pair of Sofft shoes in a similar style from a couple of seasons ago and it ran too big. Seems like they are having problems getting their sizing correct. Anyway – this is a really cute, flattering shoe, with a nice little stacked heel that keeps it from being too flat – great padded insole – but I would order a full size larger and one width wider.

  10. Carrol, Pittsburgh Says:

    Classic and comfortable – I was looking for a simple, elegant black flat and these are perfect. They are more substantial than most, with a nice arch support. Beautifully made and look nice on the foot.

  11. Pacific, Northwest Says:

    Very cute, but runs small! I hope Zappos starts offering this shoe in red patent, which is a gorgeous deep blood shade that is perfect for fall. My feet run small and narrow, and even these shoes were WAYYYY too small – I could barely stuff my feet into them. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that sizing up will solve the problem. Thank goodness for free returns!

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