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  1. Debbie Says:

    Sofft Beale – I love these shoes. They look great. However, and there always is a however, the fit is not right for my foot. Length is good but the straps are too high off the tops of my feet and I walk right out of the shoes in spite of the fact that I tried them with my orthotics. I’m so disappointed because I love, love, love the look of these shoes but they have to go back.

  2. Greensboro, North Carolina Says:

    This is a wonderful shoe in looks, craftsmanship, and comfort. It is very soft and comforting to the foot and feels like walking on pillows with support. I tend to have a narrow foot, although most medium widths fit me, but this was just a tad wide for my foot and just a tad short. (I wish shoemakers made an 8 3/4 size). I love the shoe so much that I plan to keep it and maybe put a pad in to make the shoe fit bit more snugly on my foot.

  3. Omaha Says:

    Stylist and Comfy!! What a Combo!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shoe. I have it in three colors and would get it in all the colors if I could. It is the first heel I have been able to wear in years! It gives me good support and I was able to wear it from day one without any discomfort. Normally I can only wear flats. AND it is so feminine! I also have purchased several flats in this brand.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wish it had worked out – They are a cute shoe. Great for work and dressier casual wear. The heel was a bit too wide for my foot and the shoe fit me larger than marked. I found the heel a bit rocky and I like a steady, sturdy shoe. The most irritating and I do mean irritating design of the shoe was the seam around the leather. It was itchy and irritating, especially around the heel area towards the strap. Due to that, I will not re order this shoe. Others may not find this bothersome or find it scratchy. Too bad, I need a cute work shoe with a bit of a heel.

  5. PLeaset Hill Says:

    Makes my large feet look smaller – This shoe looks good, but the great surprise (for me) was that it makes my large size ten wide foot actually look sort of average. I wish I could get all the colors!

  6. Atlantic City Says:

    Finally, a comfortable but dressy shoe! Even after ten hours on my feet at work, this shoe is comfortable. It’s not the most gorgeous shoe, but it works with suits and pants, so I’m happy. In fact, I’m getting it in another color!

  7. Austin, TX Says:

    These shoes are very pretty while also being different-looking. They are very comfortable–the inner lining is soft, and they’re a good width. The first time I wore them, I didn’t wear any socks or stockings and they rubbed a little bit near the strap. But I’m sure they’ll break in beautifully.

  8. Genithea, Greather Seattle Area Says:

    Very nice shoe — couldn’t get the exact right fit, though – I love this shoe, but unfortunately I couldn’t get the exact right fit, and the result has been that it slips off of my left foot, and gives me blisters on both feet if I do much walking. However, it is a very good-looking and well-made shoe, and I have hopes that if I keep wearing it long enough, I won’t get blisters from it anymore.

  9. Littleton, Colorado Says:

    The shoes are very comfortable, however one of the shoes seems larger than the other-it slips off my foot but I think I will be able to deal with it. Got many compliments on the shoes, they will look great with both slacks and/or a dress.

  10. Washington, DC Says:

    Quirky comfort – This is a very comfortable shoe with a decent arch support. In addition, it’s also very good looking and not dowdy like most comfortable shoes. I bought it to wear as a walking shoe in Europe and it’s great. It doesn’t scream “I’m a tourist!”

  11. Houston, TX Says:

    I like these shoes a lot. I have a narrow foot and they fit me just right except that the strap stuck up too high off my foot. There is elastic on one side so I took it to my shoe repair man, and he tightened it by shortening the elastic. Now they are perfect. They are very comfortable shoes, very “cushy,” and they are a little more interesting and dressy than a plain Mary Jane. As always, Zappos gave unbelievably great service.

  12. New York City Says:

    Comfort first – Really comfy all day & night. A bit orthopedic looking. They might be better w/o the brown trim. I’d prefer black all over. Some may find them too cute. Very good if you spend most time on your feet.

  13. Dallas Says:

    Big footed broad – Here’s the deal. I have big flat feet with a narrow heel. I bought these for my step daughters wedding in October. I have not really worn them yet, have worn around the house & they are very soft & pliable. The style is adorable, can go casual or dressy. I feel like they are going to wear very well & cannot wait to see other styles by Sofft.

  14. Los Angeles Says:

    Fit is awkward but it looks cute – Although this shoe looks great and is technically made for comfort, unless you get a close to perfect fit it’s actually a bit bothersome. I can usually wear a size 12, which I bought this in, if I wear thick socks or a size 11 if the fit is giving (I’m an 11.5 on my right foot and nearly a 12 on my left). Because these only came in medium width whole sizes, they were a bit too wide and loose, and the left ankle slippage drove me crazy and made it hard to walk even with thick socks. I have other Sofft shoes, in 11, and they are a bit too tight sometimes, but I keep trying to stretch them. If Sofft made a standard size 11.5 or at least narrow size 12, I’d be in heaven and probably order all their shoes. But as it is, either way I go — up or down a size — I have to compensate.

  15. Providence Says:

    Most comfortable heel ever… These look a bit crunchy, but very cute with short skimpy socks. Soooo comfortable, like you are floating or bouncing on air. I bought the red ones and the black ones, and I plan to wear them Spring Summer Autumn.

  16. San Jose California Says:

    Sofft’s Beale Review – I purchased two pairs of these shoes; one in black and one in firesky. My daughter had a pair, and I was attracted to the look of the shoe. Very feminine, with a 2 inch heel, and comfortable looking. I like the cushioned insole, and the fit was fine, except for my heel slipped up and down when walking. I purchased adhesive inserts, and hope this will take care of the problem.

  17. Gladys Says:

    Perfect fit- They are unique. Very comfortable! The look is great! I wear them to work and at the end of the day it is like I have been walking without shoes. I always buy my shoes at Zappos, because I have wide feet and every time, I am pleased with my shoes. No shipping charges are a plus. My grade to this particular shoe is A+

  18. Nancy, Montclair New Jersey Says:

    Pretty in Black- First, I do love these shoes. I saw them, immediately ordered them in my usual size 6(=36), and found them too narrow. I could barely get them on, so I ordered 7- way too big. So I settled on 6.5, which seemed perfect at first. Now they have stretched and are comfortable- but a bit too big. The moral of this story: if you have wide feet like me, hang in there- they will stretch and your feet will thank you (and others will complement you!). I am a doctor and am on my feet all day, every day. I wear them even on my longest days. I’m going to get some other colors!

  19. New Haven Says:

    Extremely cute! This is an extremely cute shoe! The leather is of the highest quality, and the design is really versatile. My only complaint is that I have a high arch, and the cross strap doesn’t “give”. Otherwise, a really comfortable shoe.

  20. Coffeekid, New York Says:

    Wish I’d found it sooner! I bought a size smaller than usual, and of course, they’re tight, but I’m wearing them anyway! With the help of good shoe repair store, I’ll get the extra width I need. These shoes are cushy, cushy, and cushy! I work a desk job that rarely has me sitting for more than 15 min at a time, so up and down stairs and round and round floors, my feet (and knees) are happy! And with a funky, retro girly look that works well with skirts or pants. Wish they came in burgundy, navy, caramel, pine, red, white and rust! Thought the little rose detail would bug the heck out of me, and had fully intended on taking it off, but it grew on me and I’m not removing it. Hope Sofft continues to come out with work-wearable fun shoes. The price was more than I normally pay- even for leather- but I can see these will last a long, long time. Ever get a pair of shoes you adore and find yourself looking at your feet all day? While others are talking to you, you’re staring down… yep. I’m there.

  21. Sarah, Bloomington Says:

    Adorable! Please see my suggestions as to size and fit. I love these shoes- they’re cute and elegant at the same time, very Edwardian in style but not so unique as to make them hard to work into an outfit. I wear an 8.5 but tend to err on the side of 9, not of 8 (call me an 8.75) and these fit perfectly at 8.5- that might make them a wee bit larger than marked but not a full half size or anything like that. The increment may however account for the reason why so many people have problems with heel slippage, but I think ordering a half size down would make the shoe unwearable for most people unless you’re just barely your size and can wear a half size down without feeling like it’s pure torture. Width-wise, I normally wear an M and can wear an N without pain but with a little pinching. I bought these in a W after reading the reviews of others and THANK GOODNESS I listened to my Zappos sisters because it fits perfectly.

  22. Karen, Harrisburg Says:

    Love, love, love this shoe! I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I put them on. They are very comfortable and needed no breaking in. The strap has elastic where it meets the shoe so it fits just right across my foot, not too tight, not too loose. I have a wide foot and found that the wide width fit perfectly, no need for stretching them out as with some other brands. The heel and sole are cushy… no stress on your feet when you walk or stand. They look great with dress pants, skirts and jeans. All around great shoe- highly recommended.

  23. Carrie, Alameda Says:

    Cute shoe, really comfortable. I was a bit worried about this shoe since I read reviews that said that the strap across the top was so tight. I shouldn’t have been. I agree with all the people who said this is the most comfortable shoe ever. I wore it the first day almost all day and without socks and it was still okay. As usual, the Zappos service was second to none. I don’t buy shoes anywhere else!

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