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  1. Los Angeles Says:

    A great pair of shoes with jeans… I really find these shoes comfortable and cute. The only improvement I would make is the embroidery on the inside — you can be aware of it but after a couple of wearings it flattened out. I would perhaps be concerned if worn with knee highs, etc but so far I’ve only worn them barefoot.

  2. St. Louis, MO Says:

    Cute Clog-style shoe – I have come to like Sofft because of the styling. They make a hip-looking comfortable shoe. This one is particularly appealing because I discovered that they now have 2 sizes of wide. I find this shoe to be a good fit for my somewhat wide foot. It has a nice bit of embroidered detailing on the top of the shoe and it is dressy but casual.

  3. Amy, Kalamazoo Says:

    A full size too small, but cute! These shoes were so cute I was sad to have to return them. It was at least a half size too small and also felt more like a wide “D” instead of extra wide “E” I had ordered. I am still not sure if I will try a 9 or 9.5 extra wide or just go for another shoe. Good luck if you order this shoe.

  4. Washington, District of Columbia Says:

    Gorgeous, Only Un-Comfy After a Few Hours – These are gorgeous shoes, very unique. They’re not uncomfortable at first, nor even uncomfortable after a few blocks of walking, but given several hours (5 or so for me) of basically-uninterrupted walking/standing, they killed my feet. I think they would be totally fine as long as you get to rest for periods of time during your day, but if you’re going to be walking and standing basically non-stop, these aren’t your best choice for that day.

  5. Mona, Riverside California Says:

    Gorgeous!! This is just a beautiful shoe with anything you wish to wear it with. Jean, dress slacks, skirts, whatever! I love it and wish I could have every color! So very comfortable too. Long wear is no problem. Just so much style here, and comfort and all in one shoe! You cannot beat it!! Fall and Winter, here I come!!

  6. Kristin, Rochester, MN Says:

    My go-to work shoe! It’s hard for me to be comfortable and look put together at the same time at work (I work in a research lab), so I was ecstatic to find these! The heel’s not to high, and the detailing is just cute enough to add a little punch to a black shoe. Very cute, very comfortable, although wearing a thin layer sock or nylon is advisable for the first month or so, as the inside leather tended to rub the tops of my toes at the end of the day and got a little pinchy. But not anymore. They fit great with socks or without. Fabulous! I think I might invest in another color soon. The only complaint I have is that they are a little “klacky” on all the hard floors I walk around on all day. I haven’t had any problem with slipping or sliding that some of the other reviews warned about, but that might be because I habitually wear heels all day.

  7. Jane Says:

    Love It! I had been having “ball of the foot” problems with my left foot and knew we would be doing a lot of walking on my vacation. I took a chance and ordered it and had it shipped to my vacation destination. This shoe was so comfortable and fit perfectly and helped make walking around a pleasure. Thank you!

  8. Columbua, Ohio Says:

    Beautiful but sadly awkward on my foot – Although this amazingly beautiful shoe seemed to be the right size, it just didn’t sit well on my foot. This may be due to my weird, incredibly hard to fit feet more than to the shoe itself, though. I usually place orthotics in my shoes, but Sofft makes such an awesome shoe I thought I could get away without one.

  9. Tejas Says:

    Made for my ugly painful bunions! These shoes are �sofft� and beautiful. My husband actually said “Those are nice” instead of “Oh, what you really needed was another pair of black shoes”. There is a problem with the heel, the first step I took I slipped on it. I can fix that with a product from a drugstore. Arrived pronto, I didn’t even have time to wait!!

  10. Southern, California Says:

    Great look, but …steady – Nice shoes–true to size, comfortable, and great looking, too. The design imprint on the leather top is edgy and lends a keen sense of style–with dresses, jeans, or dress slacks. My only complaint, and the reason I’m returning them, is that I don’t feel steady enough in them when I walk. (I do have narrow ankles, so maybe that’s the problem.) I love the sassy heel–a nice compromise between small and pointy and big and chunky. Somehow feeling fine in a good looking pair of shoes isn’t enough insurance against the risk of an ungainly topple and potential injury. When it comes to clogs, my safest bet is probably the chunky heel. Sigh. Thank you Zappos–you make shoe shopping and returning an A+ experience.

  11. Ohio, USA Says:

    I love these shoes – They are comfortable and make my feet look smaller… even in the wide size. I could wear them for either dressy or casual occasions, because they look very classic and the finishing on them is really high quality. My only complaint is, I wanted to buy them in the Plum color but it seems that the colors offered are very limited.

  12. Avrilon, Mountains of North Georgia Says:

    Best clogs for work! I ordered these clogs for work in the navy and black for the summer when I didn’t want to wear sandals (since it gets chilly in my office). They were comfortable IMMEDIATELY, required NO “breaking in” and look wonderful with my slacks. I LOVE the design (it’s a clog, but so much more refined than most of them), the perfect height heel for me (I’m 5’10″ and don’t like extremely high heels) and most of all – the comfort. Highly recommended!

  13. Pennsylvania Says:

    Great shoe, great service from Zappos – I ordered both the 9.5 and the 10. They arrived the next day. There was very little difference between the two sizes, but I kept the 10. It’s a little short, but works. I can’t give these shoes a 5, because there is a heel, but they are very comfortable. Zappos refunded my money for the other pair in a very timely way. This was the first time I used Zappos. I was very pleased with Zappos and the shoe.

  14. Jean Says:

    Loved the look of this shoe. I have a narrow size 91/2 foot. When this shoe arrived I loved the look, but….. It was far too wide, so I wore them with heavy trouser socks, that stretched them out more, so now they sit in my closet…. AMAZING !!! These shoes are COMFORTABLE !!! I have never been able to wear heels without my feet screaming at me after only 1/2 hour (due to pinched nerves in my feet) before these shoes. I just wore them all day (10 hours) and I came home with my feet still feeling these shoes are very, very comfortable. No screaming feet!

  15. Tacoma Says:

    Comfortable – Not only does this shoe feel great but it looks terrific. Very stylish and extremely comfy. Will look great with slacks. I’m very pleased. Shoes in this style usually are too snug over the top of my foot–thanks Zappos for carrying so many cute shoes from Sofft.

  16. L.A, California Says:

    First, let just say that Zappos is amazing, as usual. It seemed like I had just hit “send” on my order, and there they were, VOILA! My new shoes within hours of my ordering them. As for these shoes? LOVE at first sight, and even more when I put them on. Comfortable, beautiful, and sexy! I bought them in brown, and they look great with jeans and cords, but I’ll probably wear them w/ more dressy pants as well. I’ve worn them a lot since I bought them and I’ve been pain free; I have very sensitive feet, and a baaaaad lower back so I’m critical in the extreme with any new shoe. And every time I’ve worn them I get LOTS of compliments. Camille is a WINNER! And again, thank you ZAPPOS for such great service and selection.

  17. New York Says:

    Very comfy but runs small – I am normally a true size 7 but the 7 in these shoes was too small and the 7.5 is a little bit too big but still wearable and comfortable. They look great on and are super comfortable.

  18. Nalo Says:

    Smart shoe! Smart looking, comfortable, great with jeans, I just ordered another color. A great pair of shoes can change a “blah” outfit into something special. These shoes do it! Get these. I ordered up 1/2 size because I always do that when a shoe has a lip on the back heel. Perfect !

  19. Columbus, OH Says:

    Sofft Camille – I chose this shoe because I love the look and it really is a comfortable shoe – no blisters or any problems. The heel height is great for those who don’t like to wear high heels, but still want some extra height. Typically I would get a wide shoe, but the wide width in this shoe was too wide for me. As one other woman commented, the heel does slip on some floors.

  20. Ali, Tucson Says:

    Pretty and comfy, but heel is different than other Soffts – This shoe is very pretty and dressy and comfy; but watch the heel – it is slimmer and of harder material than my Sofft Langston, and it tends to slide sideways and is more unstable, especially on smooth floors. I have to walk carefully. Other Sofft heels are wider and more rubbery and have better grip on floor.

  21. Martha, Mibbing Says:

    I love them!!! I fell in love with this shoe the minute I saw it. Purchased the black and now I am ordering them in navy blue and violet. What gorgeous colors you offer! I wore them to a wedding reception and dance and my feet felt great all night. I am very pleased with this shoe and recommend it to everyone.

  22. Ayesha, Wisconsin Says:

    A Thing of Beauty – This shoe has a very classical look. It is very well made and extremely comfortable. The Camille not only looks good with my dress but it looks great with pants. I plan on taking these shoes on my round the world trip. Zappos has fantastic customer care and service and I plan to buy many more shoes from them!

  23. Karen, Anaheim, California Says:

    Love ‘em! I love everything about these shoes! Great support, comfy cushioning, and retro looks! AND you can kick em off when you want. I have another pair of Sofft shoes, and I get a lot of compliments on these too!

  24. Stacey Says:

    Very elegant! These shoes seem to run a little small (I’m almost always an exact size 8 and had to return them in favor of an 8 1/2). They’re very classy, though, and the heel is a perfect height. They look great with jeans and dressy pants! I bought the Aubergine color to get away from my usual browns/blacks, and I made the right choice! They go with just about everything! They were extremely comfortable from the first time I put them on, and no “breaking in” is required!

  25. Loulou, Wisconsin Says:

    love these! Very comfortable “clogs”; or once known as. Love the navy color and subtle design. With jeans they look like you�re wearing expensive boots, they have a “wealthy” look about them. Always lots of compliments every time they are out-and-about.

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